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Stagiaire ingenieur Grenoble INP ENSE3 Saint-Martin-d'Heres sur : stagiaires

Stage de 2eme année ( assistant ingenieur)

Code CV : 54a6aecf50143156
Date de dernière connexion : 2015-02-17

Monsieur Ma... PA...
38380 Saint-Laurent-du-Pont

Métiers préparés : Ingenieur

Ecole: Grenoble INP ENSE3
38400 Saint-Martin-d'Heres

Cycle : ingenieur 4eme année
Dernier niveau d'etudes validé avec diplome : Bac+3
Dernier diplome : licence
Niveau d'études actuel : Bac+4
Métiers préparés : Ingenieur

Durée du stage : 2 mois
Début du stage :
2015-06-01 2015-09-01
Temps Plein Oui
Alternance Oui
Mobilité autour de votre lieu d'habitation : 11 >> 30Km

Lettre de motivation

Object : Internship
Sir, Madam,
Currently studying at the French engineering school ENSE3, part of the Grenoble National Institute of Technology
in Grenoble, I’m looking for an internship to complete my second year of
studies . I have some work experience, as presented in my resume, and have some
basic knowledge and skills that allow me to integrate fast in a professional

However, I don't know all those aspects yet, so that's why it's important for
me to continue my learning process through this internship, which will enhance
my knowledge and experience as far as personal is concerned and professional.
During this second year internship, I may set about an engineer project and
give a report. Therefore, it will be necessary for me to be in contact with
engineers in order to study how they are working in the company.

specifically studying in automatics and systems but I have knowledge in coding
and software development. I can work with different programing languages as C,
Java, and some of Python or Arduino. Actually I’m working on personal projects including
java development for Android apps and Arduino programing for a climate regulation system. I’m
interesting in new technology too especially in mobile phone properties and
signals transmission.

I want to do my internship abroad, because it’s important for me to complete my
English trainee.

I am available from June 2015 for a minimum of two months, any proposition from
you will be welcome.

Remain at your disposal for any questions about my background and motivations.
Sincerely yours.



} 2013 - 2015 : First and sencond year at ENSE3 ( Ecole Nationale Supérieur d’Energie,
eau et Environnement) a leading French school in energy, hydraulics and
environment, part of the Grenoble National Institute of Technology (Specialization in automatic, systems and

} 2011 - 1013 : First and second year of a bachelor of science at Joseph Fourier
university, in Grenoble (Physic and chimie, general mathematics)

} 2011 : A-level with honor (French secondary school diploma with specialization
in earth and life sciences) at Edouard Herriot highscool.


} Jully 2014 : Internship at Paturle Aciers a steel industry,
Saint Laurent du Pont.

Work in shifts on a
pouder painting machine.

} August 2013 : Work as a maintenance officer in Café’o coffe
company, Voreppe.

Transportation, replenishment
and maintenance of coffee machines all around Grenoble.
Independent work with initiative.

} Jully 2012 : Carrier, 40-30 Corporation.

Carry equipment for clean rooms (pumps and tools) between the different places of the company
and surrounding companies. Independent work, travel

} Jully - august 2012 : Agricultural Worker, Fetaz farm, Saint Joseph de Rivière.

farming and fieldwork. Intensive
manual work, and work with animals.

} April 2007 : Internship at the Atomic Energy
Commission (CEA), Grenoble.

the professional work world. Following science researchers in a proteins.


} Computer Skills : C2i graduated, C
langage, basics of Java langage

} Langages : French native langage,
English B2 level

} Driving licences : car and
motorbike (full and clean)


} Skiing at a high level

} French boxing in a club

} Hiking and running

} Drawing and painting


Outils / Logiciels / Méthodes maitrisés : Matlab,eclipse C++,java,python

Permis VL, PL, véhicules spéciaux : A, B

Langues :
Français : Langue maternelle

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